Founder and Creator

With a visionary spirit and an unyielding drive for excellence, Magdalena Bischof stands as the founder and creative force behind her endeavors. Her commitment to innovation and deep understanding of her field has set her apart in the industry. Magdalena's leadership is characterized by her ability to merge creativity with strategic thinking, consistently delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. As a guiding light for her team and an inspiration to her peers, Magdalena continues to pave the way for future innovations and breakthroughs.


Magdalena Bischof is more than just the founder of Brain-Shot Academy; she's its very heartbeat. With a fervent passion for understanding human behavior and an insatiable curiosity, Magdalena has dedicated her life to mastering the art of reading people.


Magdalena's journey is as diverse as it is impressive. Beginning her academic pursuits in UNDERGRADE MEDICINE at the University of Geneva, she embarked on a mission to understand the intricacies of the human psyche. Further deepening her knowledge, she completed her MASTER SYSTEMIC COACH training at FH Northwest Switzerland, immersing herself in solution-oriented coaching, sales, hypnosis, and NLP master techniques.

The Brain-Shot Method:

Merging her years of experience with insights from neuroscience, socioanthropology, and sociopsychology, Magdalena developed the unique and interdisciplinary Brain-Shot Method. In 2018, this method transformed into the 4-tiered training concept at the heart of Brain-Shot Academy.

Personal Philosophy:

"For me, understanding people isn't just about reading facial cues or body language. It's about diving deep into the psyche, connecting dots, and painting a holistic picture. It's about empathy, connection, and genuine human interaction."


Founder and creator of Brain-Shot Academy. Pioneered the revolutionary Brain-Shot Method. Extensive background in medicine, coaching, and human behavior studies. Recognized leader in the field of profiling and mentalist training.

Connect with Magdalena:

Discover the magic behind her methods, her inspiration, and her passion for elevating human connections. Join one of her courses or reach out for a personal consultation. Dive deep into the world of human behavior with the master herself.


Magdalena Bischof: The Visionary Behind Brain-Shot

The Spark of Inspiration:

Magdalena's journey into the depths of human understanding was ignited under the most unexpected circumstances. At the tender age of 17, a life-altering car accident became the catalyst for her insatiable quest to comprehend human behavior. This pivotal event was not just a turning point in her life, but also the foundation upon which Brain-Shot Academy was built.

Join Us in Deciphering the Human Enigma

At Brain-Shot Academy, we don’t just teach; we inspire. We don’t just observe; we understand. Embark on this transformative journey with us and see the world through a new lens.

Thank you dear Magdalena for this wonderful opportunity. I always wanted to do an apprenticeship in coaching, but nothing appealed to me until I got to know Magdalena and profiling, people read about mirror neutrons. This training brought me immensely forward in my being, my consciousness. Today I can recognize my counterpart and react to it. I'm super grateful for the chance and now that I've completed my training as a trainer, I can support others on their way to profiling.

Nadine Schlenzig May 13, 2023

Magdalena accompanied me lovingly and empathetically in my processes. In the special feature of profiling, she patiently and extremely empathetically helped me over many a big hurdle and challenge. I can warmly recommend her to take new steps with her for a particularly valuable tool in coaching and also in general in dealing with people.

Antje Maass December 12 2022

I was able to experience Magdalena Bischof live for 5 days at the trainer training workshop in Augustusburg. What a woman!!! She has an almost unbelievable knowledge and is able to convey this knowledge really easily. I was able to open the door to my feelings quite a bit and learn a lot about how our brain works. The mediation of "profiling" via the "chicken sexing" method is priceless. Magdalena not only teaches profiling, she lives profiling - like a mentalist. Highly Recommended.

Joachim Eimermann May 14, 2023

Magdalena's profiling opened up a "new world" to my perception. The conscious perception of my counterpart and the associated "listening" to my body is a new quality of life for me... Magdalena many thanks to you, nice that you exist and that we have found each other. Bridget

Brigitte Beberich May 13.2023
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